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Live (VIRTUAL) Week-Day or Weekend Retreats - Level 1: Individual Experience

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Week-Day Virtual Retreats - Level 1: Individual Experience

Next booking From: TO BE CONFIRM - 2024


Weekend Virtual Retreats - Level 1: Individual Experience

Next booking From: TO BE CONFIRM - 2024

Private Group of People per Event.

* Bilingual / Bilingue

* 21 + Year Old 

  1. Do you feel alone, anxious, troubled or depressed? Or are you having problems in your life?
  2. Are you looking for solutions?
  3. Do you believe today is the day you can start changing your life for the better?

If yes, YOU just need to take 3 decisions:

  1. The decision to WANT more in your life.
  2. The decision to INVEST your time and energy to achieve the changes You want.
  3. The decision that BELIEVE you deserve more in life and BELIEVE you are capable to make the change.

So, it’s time for you to begin my

Weekend Retreats LEVEL 1: Individual Experience:

A 2 day Virtual workshops to help You develop the skills and tools necessary to overcome or manage Your issues, that define and address your concerns.

How To Become Who You Really Want To Be…

Together we can fight any of these issues;




Midlife Crisis

Face your past

Trouble with your partner

Trouble with your children

Burnout, or Your Job is taking everything from you… 

Your Angry

Your Marriage hanging by a tread

Fighting your weaknesses

For 13 years now I have been following my Calling to use my Gift to help others overcome life-long difficulties with their own proper mindset.

By mastering your own personality and life, you will learn WHEN AND HOW to listen and trust your own inner voice.

Your instincts are the key to becoming the MASTER OF YOUR LIFE.

In my life I have experienced deep hurts, betrayals and regrets with family and friends.

But no matter how hard my life has been I have managed to overcome these obstacles with the steps I will teach you.

In my first book “A Poor MindSet to A MasterMind” I reached many people with a number specific programs that I apply in my 2 days retreats.

The decision you now face is to either accept all your life circumstances


Take a decision RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW... act NOW!

Book Now!

“ Accept the things we cannot change,
Have the courage to change the things we can,
And the wisdom to know the difference. “

* No Religion or Politics is Allowed, during the retreat.

* Before booking, if You have any question or You wish to find out if this is right for you?

* All prices in Canadian Dollars and does not include applicable taxes, * NO REFUND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES... 

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