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A Synopsis
Story by Caroline Hallak

Written by Caroline Hallak

Based on her own life experiences, Caroline Hallak realized that she had a profound intuitive power when she listened to her inner voice, and that voice led her to success. In her self- help book, A Poor Mindset to a Mastermind, she’s detailed her path to success in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual, breaking down the steps necessary to achieve life goals and guiding the reader through the process using simple techniques, meditations, and self- evaluations.

By asking the reader how, what, and why and having them record their answers in the chapter workbook, this self-analysis will help the reader find their own inner voice, thus detailing their true desires. After committing to self-improvement, the reader is led down a path to mindset mastery by learning to listen to that internal voice and trusting their instincts. During this journey, it is important to have a calm body, mind, and soul, so she has also outlined breathing exercises, daily affirmations, and spiritual guidance to aid this process.

Caroline teaches the reader how to understand the influence of the subconscious mind, and by utilizing her techniques on a daily basis, the reader will gain mastery of their inner voice, intuition, self, and life.

The four chapters listed below will soon become a series but will be touched on lightly in A Poor Mindset to a Mastermind. This brief glimpse will include:

1. Love, Friendship, and Relationships.
2. Health and Body.
3. Money, Your Business and Your Career.

4. Family, Children, and Friends.

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