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A POOR MINDSET TO A MASTERMIND Rewrite Your Life - Let’s Go Break Free

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Author Bio
Story by Caroline Hallak

Written by Caroline Hallak

Caroline Hallak was born in Aleppo, Syria, of Armenian Syrian background and is an Ar- menian Catholic. She is the oldest of five siblings and speaks three languages. She attended an Armenian nun’s private school until she immigrated to Montreal, Canada, with her parents in 1980. She’s also lived in Paris and Los Angeles, CA.

At seventeen years old, she was pushed into an arranged marriage even though every in- stinct told her they weren’t right for each other. Due to her young age and tradition, she couldn’t disobey parents.

During her marriage, she pursued studies in Psychology and International Business, but her creative and intuitive forces inspired her to pursue a career in fashion. She realized that lis- tening to her inner voice would lead to success and not listening would only bring pain.

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