Checkers Decorative Pillow Covers Black-White, Square Set of 2.

$ 74

Checkers Decorative Pillow Covers Collection Black-White, Square Set of 2.

CHC-Beverly Hills

Decorative Pillow Covers Collection, Square Double Sided, High End Designer Brand, Elegant & Beautiful Fabrics Perfect to Give a New Look for Sofa/Couches.

Insert Sold Separately, for a complete Collection CHC-Beverly Hills Pillow Covers and Matching Decorative Sofa / Couch Cover Sold Separately.

Pattern Repeat 1" Square, Made of 100% Polyester, Imported Fabrics, Cold Water wash.

Available in this Sizes : 26"X26" - 24"X24" - 22"X22" - 20"X20" - 18"X18" - 16"X16"


Handmade in USA, Zipper Closure.

Fresh Look, New Look, for Couches, for Sofa, for Living Room, for Family Room.

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